Sage Grouse Habitat Conservation Bank

SRC’s Sage-grouse habitat conservation bank targets species of game bird known as the Greater Sage-grouse.  This wide-ranging bird species has come under significant pressure as the energy boom and resource exploration activiteis intersect with much of the bird's home range. SRC lands provide prime habitat for Wyoming’s Sage-grouse population, providing a compelling ecosystem approach to species protection. SRC’s Sage-grouse conservation plan will protect and manage large tracts of habitat, improve local populations and enhance overall sagebrush ecosystem health. Credits from the SRC Sage Grouse Habitat Conservation Bank will offset impacts to sage grouse habitat that cannot be otherwise avoided through development activities.

The Sweetwater River Conservancy offers compelling and ecologically sound solutions to species and habitat conservation, that meet the demands of conservation, energy development, political, community and financial stakeholders. Through the SRC's landscape scale vision of habitat conservation, the company is well positioned to preserve valuable resources while unlocking opportunities for responsible energy development and exploration throughout Wyoming. At the center of the SRC vision is the creation of eco-system wide conservation banks that leverage deeded ownership of large tracts of contiguous land. Unlike historically small-scale mitigation and conservation initiatives, a landscape scale approach allows SRC to dramatically enhance existing resource habitat, creating powerful “lift” that delivers a net benefit to the longevity of ecosystems.

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Contact Sage Grouse Habitat Conservation Bank

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