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Clients often look to large architectural design firms for versatility and problem-solving expertise, and to small ones for focused attention from seasoned principals. Our idea is to provide the best of both.

Through 35 years of wide-ranging architectural design, land use planning, and project management experience, we learned what it takes to orchestrate a successful, collaborative design process. We built a firm with the capabilities needed to realize what our clients envisioned. Today Russell Architects is a team of skilled professionals equipped for varied and multifaceted challenges.


You'll notice that no one style characterizes our work. To us, creativity isn't about self-expression or ego. The creativity comes in finding a solution that works technically, economically, and aesthetically–an elegant, comprehensive response to a complex set of client preferences and circumstances.


These strengths go hand-in-hand. You cannot design a wonderful staircase without understanding how staircases are built. And while there are a thousand ways to design a handrail, one will prove optimal when fabricated and installed. This means that execution must always factor into design, and the design process must always extend through execution.

High Tech/High Touch

Early adopters of advanced CAD technology, we leverage it to render ideas for client approval, produce detailed, precise construction drawings, and streamline other labor-intensive tasks. We have also invested in a proprietary project management system that aids immeasurably in managing costs and meeting timetables. But we also know that many elements of design are subjective and personal. No technology or formula can substitute for a thoughtful method of listening to clients, asking the right questions, and engaging in a free exchange of ideas


Being based in Northern California has honed our sensitivity to natural elements, our awareness of environmental issues, and our ability to navigate difficult review and permitting processes. But we are by no means a strictly regional shop. Drawing on a broad stylistic and historical vocabulary, we work with clients all across the country and have helped extend the reach of major national and international brands.

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