Rural Forest Landowner Assistance Program

Manage, protect, develop and enhance the private and public rural and urban forest resources to improve the quality and quantity of that resource, to improve wildlife habitat, soil and water conservation, and the quality of life for Illinois residents.

Provides technical assistance to NIPF landowners to manage their forests for multiple resources. In addition, cost-share assistance is available for landowners to implement forest stewardship practices. 

Professional and technical forest management assistance in the development and implementation of forest management and stewardship plans, reforestation plans, urban forestry plans, urban forestry plans, forest protection (wildfire) plans, and forest product/utilization plans. Assistance includes consulting directly with private landowners, communities, and the forest product industry, field inspections, monitoring plan achievements, and evaluating plan effectiveness. On occasion, professional forestry equipment is loaned to the public to complete a forestry task. Also, plant materials are provided for reforestation and wildlife enhancement projects from two IDNR nurseries that specialize in high quality native hardwood trees and wildlife shrubs.

This program coordinates and administers both state and federal forestry cost-share programs, and coordinates with IDNR divisions and other conservation agencies the delivery of forestry and related resources services to public and private forest landowners.  The program works with these landowners to insure environmental stability within the state's forest ecosystems, while attempting to increase the economic and social benefits derived from these lands.

The program produces:

  • clean air and water
  • sustainable rural forests
  • sustainable economic development
  • improved forest health
  • restored ecological processes
  • enhanced wildlife habitat and populations.

Download the Request for Forestry Assistance Form. This form must be completed and returned to your local District Forester to constitute a formal request for assistance and scheduled response.

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Michael Mason
IL Department of Natural Resources
Division of Forest Resources
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Phone: (217) 782-2361
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