Rosewood Fresh Food Hub

The mission of Rosewood Community Market is simple.

We want to bring fresh and local food to the areas of Austin that need it most. We want the food to be approachable, accessible and affordable. We want to support as many local producers as we can, to serve our neighborhood and surrounding areas the best we can and give back to our community as much as we can.

Rosewood Community Market was founded with a small grant via the city from money distributed through the Affordable Care Act. We took this tiny sum along with our own money to qualify for a start-up loan through the microlender, PeopleFund, and rebuilt 1819 Rosewood to set up a daily access point for farm-fresh as well as conventional produce and healthy snacks. As we have grown, we are now able to offer more grocery staples like milk, bread, eggs, cheese, meat, cereal, grains and coffee. We have a Daily Menu, Fresh Juice and Smoothies—all made from the products we carry in the store. The store is designed around sustainability and minimal waste, with all food waste going into the neighborhood compost cycle via the East Side Compost Pedallers.

Rosewood is a not-for-profit venture and in the process of becoming Austin’s first east side food co-op. For more information about joining the effort to bring accessible, fresh, local and affordable food to east Austin and its surrounding communities, email


Contact Rosewood Fresh Food Hub

Contact Rosewood Fresh Food Hub

1819 Rosewood Avenue
Austin, Texas  78702
Phone: 512-428-4262


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  • Travis County, Texas