Rosemary Rougon Rummler

Individuals and businesses in Pointe Coupee Parish and throughout Louisiana turn to me, Rosemary Rougon Rummler, attorney, for skilled representation in unique and complex areas of the law. I bring in-depth knowledge, a willingness to work hard and a commitment to achieving positive results to legal matters such as servitudes and more.

Much of the work I do falls into the realm of real estate and property law. My primary focus is on servitudes and rights of way. A servitude is analogous to what is referred to as an easement in other states, but it is specific to Louisiana law. In addition to dealing with servitudes of all types, I also deal with property rights and possession, land use and zoning law, environmental and conservation law, farming and ranching law, and trust in moveable property.

In addition to handling servitudes and other complicated real estate matters, I am also willing to help resolve a variety of unique legal issues such as:

  • Health freedom law for patients and practitioners
  • Firearms law, including gun collection and NFA gun trusts, as a Gun Trust Lawyer™
  • Elections and voting law
  • Mitigation services and mitigation banking
  • Film production agreements and Louisiana location agreements

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Rosemary Rougon Rummler, Attorney at Law, APLC
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