Roberts Conservation District

The Roberts Conservation District serves to encourage the preservation of our natural resources by providing educational, technical and financial resources to the landowners, residents, and visitors we serve.

Established in 1941, the Roberts Conservation District (Roberts County) is located in the extreme northeast corner of the state. The topography divides the county into two distinct areas. The Prairie Coteau occupies the west and southwest parts of the county. The terrain is rough and hilly with steep slopes and some undulating lands containing many lakes, sloughs, potholes, and marshes, with many drainage ways leading into larger drainage’s.
The Minnesota Valley covers the eastern and northern parts of the county. Here land ranges from undulating to flat. Along the east edge of the county is a trench, about 100 feet below the valley that contains Lake Traverse and Big Stone Lake.
Drainage of the area is mostly toward the Minnesota Valley. The drainage is unique in that much of it flows into the Whetstone and Minnesota rivers, enters Big Stone Lake and continues on to eventually discharge into the Gulf of Mexico. At the same time, a portion of the drainage enters Lake Traverse, continues on and eventually discharges into Hudson Bay.
In 1986, the Roberts Conservation District became the sponsor of the Big Stone Lake Watershed Project. Though an assessment program, Big Stone Lake was identified as having impaired water quality. The project was based on implementing best management practices (BMP’s) to prevent sediment and nutrients from entering the surface waters associated with Big Stone Lake.

Contact Roberts Conservation District

Contact Roberts Conservation District

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