Robert R. Ballinger

* Received Bachelor of Science degree in Fisheries and Wildlife Management from Arkansas Tech University. He is a graduate of Atlantic High School (Atlantic, Iowa).

 * Professional interests include working with private landowners, state and federal agencies and other private organizations to enhance and restore wildlife and fisheries habitat, particularly waterfowl habitat.

 * Personal interests include spending time with family, especially his daughters who are Shelby (9 years old) and Sarah (7 years old), hunting and fishing. He also enjoys baseball and coaching softball.

 * Recognized Certified Wildlife Biologist by The Wildlife Society.

*Certified Technical Service Provider in MS, AR, and LA by the National Resource Conservation Center.

 Up Close:

 "Working through the Mississippi Fish and Wildlife Foundation with private landowners is very satisfying," says the Mississippi Fish and Wildlife Foundation Field Biologist, Robert R. Ballinger, who goes by Rob, for short. Rob is over the Western Region of Mississippi for the Foundation.

 "I enjoy working with people who have a genuine interest in the fish and wildlife resources of Mississippi. It is a lot of fun being able to see the diverse habitat types of the State and work with landowners to improve the habitat."

 Although Rob has the opportunity to work in all habitat types, he particularly enjoys working to restore and enhance wetland and waterfowl habitat. According to Foundation Executive Director, James L. Cummins, "Rob has probably restored more waterfowl habitat than any one person in Mississippi. Last year alone, he restored over 4,000 acres through the Foundation. That's significant in anyone's book."

 "It is great to be able to work at a conservation organization where my goal is to protect, restore and enhance as much habitat as possible - not have to meet a fundraising goal."

 As a field biologist of the Mississippi Fish and Wildlife Foundation, duties include: Assists in developing goals and objectives of the Foundation's field operations; Assists in soliciting field project grants; Coordinates all field operations; Assists in preparing an annual report; Encourages members to participate in field programs; Maximizes efficiency of field programs; Works with the media to publicize projects; Provides technical assistance to landowners; Encourages members to participate in field programs; implements special projects; Conducts workshops and seminars; Makes presentations to children's groups, civic clubs and/or hunting/fishing clubs; Represents the Foundation at meetings; Establishes and maintains new projects.

 He is very involved in a wide array of organizations. He is a member of the National Wild Turkey Federation, National Rifle Association and Quail Unlimited.

 He serves as a member of the Black Bear Restoration Task Force, Mississippi Partners Project and the Mississippi Waterfowl Task Force and the Project Delivery Team for the Mahanna Wildlife Management Area.

 He has written numerous articles for state and local newspapers and published over 25 articles in usch magazines as Wildlife Mississippi, Delta Wildlife, Mid-South Farmer, Wildlife Trends and Waterfowl 2000.

 He has given numerous presentations to garden clubs, civic, school, conservation and community groups as well as hunting and fishing clubs.

 These accomplishments reflect Rob's devotion to building a results-oriented organization whose single goal is to "improve the quality of life in Mississippi." It is a simple goal but one that takes leadership and involvement in all stages of the organization.

 "It all boils down to improving the quality of life in a place my little girls call home."

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Contact Robert R. Ballinger

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