Rio Grande-Pecos River SWCD

Locally Governed

A soil and water conservation district, like a county or school district, is a subdivision of state government. The program and plan of work of the district is developed according to the local needs of the district.
Districts are designed to deliver a local program, based on local needs, that best conserves and promotes the wise and judicious use of our renewable natural resources.

Landowner Operated

A soil and water conservation district is brought into existence by a vote of the landowners within the boundaries of a district. It is administered by a board of five directors who are elected by their fellow landowners.

Individual Initiative Is The Key

Soil and water conservation districts work to bring about the widespread understanding of the needs of soil and water conservation. In addition, they work to activate the efforts of public and private organizations and agencies into a united front to combat soil and water erosion and to enhance water quality and quantity in the state.

It is the purpose of SWCDs to instill in the minds of local people that it is their individual responsibility to do the job of soil and water conservation. SWCDs receive assistance from many sources. But with all this help, farmers, ranchers, communities and other individuals must exercise a voluntary initiative in applying a conservation program compatible with their own objectives.

TSSWCB Field Representative

  • Ben Wilde,

Contact Rio Grande-Pecos River SWCD

Contact Rio Grande-Pecos River SWCD

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Service Area

Services provided in:
  • Brewster County, Texas
  • Terrell County, Texas