Rick Davis

We aim to be the leading provider of technical forest and natural resource management services and products through the use of the latest and best available technology, our highly experienced, diverse workforce, our well developed network of strategic partners, and our wealth of applied knowledge in natural resources management.

Our primary focus is to serve you, the customer.  Our philosophy is that if we strive for excellence in serving our customers, all other business goals will follow.  Our staff is highly experienced in the field of natural resource management and technical services and products in the forestry industry.  Additionally, we have a well-developed network of strategic partners.  These partners include specialists in areas such as programming, systems integration, GIS, information management, and manufacturing.

Contact Rick Davis

Contact Rick Davis

LandMark Systems
Vice-President / CFO
3059 Highland Oaks Terrace
Tallahassee, Florida  32301
Phone: 850.309-3930
Fax: 850.385.3811


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