Rich Dunn

Rich Dunn is a veteran financial planner with more than 11 years’ experience helping families build wealth and move toward achieving their financial goals.

Rich’s financial planning experience is informed by a lifetime in the agricultural industry and a 15 year career educating and communicating with food and agriculture businesses, organizations and producers, as well as the service industries that support them. He works to bring the best financial planning strategies to bear on the challenges facing the agricultural community.

Rich’s practice stresses wealth building and tactical asset management to protect principal and reduce risk.  By working with Rich as an independent advisor, clients receive advice free from any conflict of interest.  Rich can work with clients on comprehensive financial planning, or asset management.  Most clients work with Rich on a combination of both services.  Similar to other service providers, fees can be charged by the hour, as a flat rate or as a percentage of assets under care.

Rich currently holds the Accredited Investment Fiduciary®(AIF®) designation and the Accredited Asset Management SpecialistSMor AAMS® designation.

The Accredited Investment Fiduciary®(AIF®) designation means that Rich has a thorough knowledge of and ability to serve as a fiduciary on behalf of his clients. Through various AIF training programs, Rich has learned best practices to serve in the important role of legal and financial fiduciary, by helping clients implement prudent processes and proper policies and procedures.

Dunncreek Advisors is a tribute to Rich’s family farm back home in Illinois. By serving the agricultural community we seek to honor the generations of farmers who have made this country great by investing in their fields and flocks to provide a legacy for the generations to follow.

Our work with clients is particularly focused on the process of building a financial legacy and passing it on to the next generation successfully. This is harder than it sounds and many people fail. We are dedicated to fighting the two biggest reasons legacy transfers fail:

1.)   Most families fail to properly prepare at all and are surprised when the time comes for a transfer. We are committed to helping more families begin the legacy planning process.

2.)   Other legacy transfers fail because the “legacy plan” was actually a “product” sold to the family. We create truly thoughtful plans focused on each family’s goals without any product bias.

We are excited to give clients advice free from the conflicts of interest common to many financial professionals. We have NO sales quotas or marketing incentives to muddy the water. We receive ALL our compensation from clients only.

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Contact Rich Dunn

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