Rhode Island Forest Conservator's Organization

RIFCO is a non-profit forest conservation organization, whose members are primarily forest landowners and other like-minded conservationists, dedicated to the protection and wise use of Rhode Island's woodland resources.

People of all ages benefit from RIFCO's many programs and projects.  In representing Rhode Island's woodland owners, RIFCO has as its objectives:

  • To promote the stewardship of Rhode Island's wooded lands and watersheds, aesthetic and recreational amenities, forest products, clean water, clean air, and varied wildlife.
  • To assist the members of the organization with information and education on woodland management and to serve as a medium where woodland owners can share ideas and resources.
  • To promote awareness of a healthy forest's role in improving environmental conditions by supporting rural community tree care programs and activities.
  • To protect the heritage of our state's woodlands for the future by promoting effective land use planning.
  • To promote equitable statewide assessment of farm, forest, and open-space land.
  • To stay abreast of legislative action affecting Rhode Island's forests, and to serve as a medium of information exchange between the public, state agencies, legislature, and wood industries.
  • To be an open forum for woodland owners, resource professionals, and concerned citizens to discuss legislation, issues, goals, and methods necessary to accomplish the organization's purpose and objectives.

Our current programs and projects include:

  • Outreach program to improve the implementation of the RI Farm, Forest, and Open Space (FFOS) Program;
  • Outreach efforts to increase the proper management of woodlands by providing technical assistance to private landowners and through co-sponsorship of the RI Tree Farm Program;
  • Promotion of Forestry Best Management Practices for water quality protection through the development of the official RI manual and through workshops;
  • Participation in the Alternative Forest Products promotion campaign developed by the RI Rural Lands Coalition;
  • Monitoring of state and local legislation and ordinances that may affect the ownership and management of woodlands;
  • Pursuit of a system of demonstration wood lots throughout the state.

Contact Rhode Island Forest Conservator's Organization

Contact Rhode Island Forest Conservator's Organization

Marc Tremblay
Outreach Coordinator
PO Box 53
North Scituate, Rhode Island  02857
Phone: 401.568.3421


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