Restoration Systems, LLC
Restoration Systems, LLC, founded in 1998, is a leading environmental restoration and mitigation company with more than 44 bonded mitigation banks and turn-key restoration sites in eleven states, which total more than 25,000 acres of wetlands, and 60 miles of creeks, streams, rivers and bayous. We are very interested in feedback on our existing projects and contacts regarding new projects. Restoration Systems restores and protects land and water by purchasing a permanent conservation easement or fee-simple interest from property owners, and physically restoring the waterways, trees and vegetation to exceed current function and duplicate historic condition as closely as possible.

As projects are put in place by RS and meet government standards over time for ecological improvement, Restoration Systems is issued “mitigation credits” by state and federal agencies that regulate development. The sale of the credits funds Restoration Systems’ beneficial activities. Credits may be purchased by mitigation fee programs, public works projects, or commercial developers (including airports, reservoir authorities, mining operations and builders) to meet their mitigation obligations. These impacts are generally allowed only after a public process, which demands the impact be avoided and minimized to the extent possible before mitigation of impacts is required.

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