Renville County Soil and Water Conservation District

The Renville County  Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD)  is a legal subdivision of the State of Minnesota, operating under a charter issued by the Secretary of State.   The SWCD was organized by local farmers for the purpose of promoting the art and science of good land use.  The SWCD assists landowners and operators in planning and applying the soil and water conservation practices needed to protect and improve their soil and water resources.   The activities of the District are governed and directed by an elected board of five supervisors. The term for the supervisors is four years.


Our Mission

The Renville County Soil & Water Conservation District exists to insure proper management of the county’s soil and water resources. The primary problem within the district is wind erosion due to intensive row crop farming combined with a virtually treeless prairie landscape. Water erosion is also a major problem in sloping areas of the county contributing to sedimentation of our ditch system and water courses. Feedlot pollution and chemical run-off is also an increasing problem. The soil and water conservation district is committed to providing assistance to any individual, group or agency that requests help in managing their natural resources.

Contact Renville County Soil and Water Conservation District

Contact Renville County Soil and Water Conservation District

Karen Flom
Office Manager
1008 West Lincoln Street
Olivia, Minnesota  56277-4200
Phone: (320) 523-1559
Fax: (320) 523-2389


Service Area

Services provided in:
  • Renville County, Minnesota