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The Reinvest In Minnesota Program (RIM) is a State funded program which compensates landowners for voluntarily retiring marginal crop ground, to benefit wildlife habitat and protect the states soil and water resources. Developed in 1986, the RIM program has been a highly successful program for farmers, wildlife enthusiasts and environmentalists. RIM has targeted riparian areas nears streams and land which has potential for wetland restoration. The success of the program has been fueled by cooperators seeing the aesthetic and wildlife improvements on the land.

How it works: Landowners are paid a percentage of the assessed value of their land to voluntarily enroll it in a conservation easement. A variety of land types are eligible, including wetland restoration areas, riparian agricultural lands, marginal cropland, pastured hillsides, and sensitive groundwater areas. After land is enrolled, it is managed under a conservation plan, which generally includes items like wetland restoration (for areas with drained wetlands), native grass plantings, and tree plantings

The biggest misunderstanding with long term programs is that they are open to public access. All landowners enrolling in the RIM program maintain full control of access rights to their property. The land may be used for a private hunting and recreational area or leased out for similar uses.

The program evolved and combined with Federal conservation programs such as Wetlands Reserve Program (WRP) and the Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program (CREP). Combining with the federal conservation programs has stretched the funding opportunities for the state and county. The future of RIM will likely include a Clean Energy Program, which will incorporate Bio-Energy into the traditional goals of the RIM Program.

Where do I go for more info?
Contact your local SWCD. Staff there can provide more details on the program

Contact Reinvest in Minnesota Program

Contact Reinvest in Minnesota Program

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