Ranchers Stewardship Alliance

to promote the ecological, social and economic conditions that will sustain the biodiversity and integrity of America’s northern mixed-grass prairie for present and future generations.

We support cost-effective, sustainable conservation that features private and public cooperation in a working landscape stewarded by profitable family ranches and thriving rural communities. We employ collaboration, education, innovation and sound science to conserve and enhance the natural resources and pastoral heritage of the northern Great Plains.

Compared to the rest of the lower US, the vast prairies of northern Montana have been little changed over the last millennium. Much as chronicled by Lewis and Clark 200 years ago, this immensity of grass and sky is a stronghold for pronghorn, mule deer, elk, prairie dogs, burrowing owls, ferruginous hawks, mountain plovers and a dozen more grassland bird species that are disappearing elsewhere.

Our specific purposes are to:

  1. Engage in collaborative conservation and community building.
  2. Encourage ranching and other traditional livelihoods which will sustain our native grasslands and rural communities for generations to come.
  3. Collect, implement and disseminate accurate information on the ecology and sustainable management of the northern grasslands.
  4. Promote understanding and respect for ranching and the critical role it plays in conservation. 

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Statewide service provider in:
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