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Radiant Foil was founded in 2004 by Art Carlson.  Art is an engineer who spent most of his career guiding "how to use computers when solving real physical problems."  He switched from the "micro" to the "macro" when he and his wife moved to Sun Valley, Idaho to build their dream home. Art built his log-facade cabin with "thermos-bottle" technology using two foil and airspace layers between the logs, and has enjoyed a comfortable and efficient home ever since.

The business that followed caters both nationally and to the local building industry with combinations of polyurethane foam and radiant foil. The result has been homes with lower energy usage and greater comfort. Return customers are hooked...once you live in an air-tight foiled home, you won't go back!

Radiant Foil has since built a reputation for strong customer service and superior quality that remains unmatched.  We got started because traditional insulation practices simply weren't getting the results they boasted – furnaces and air conditioners were running constantly, energy bills were high, and in-home temperature differences were great. It was time to bring science into the home!

You're invited to explore the products we offer and determine for yourself if our reputation is deserved. But we're sure you'll be pleased. We're driven by our mission to provide the best products and technical support available anywhere.

Contact RadiantFoil, LLC

Contact RadiantFoil, LLC

Art Carlson
214 Timberline Rd
Hailey, Idaho  83333
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