Quay County Extension Office

The mission of the Quay Cooperative Extension Service is to provide the people of Quay County with practical, research-based knowledge and programs to improve their quality of life.

The base programs of the Cooperative Extension Service are agriculture and natural resources, consumer and family issues, youth development, and community economic development.

Quay county's agriculture industry strives to be competitive within regional, statewide and national markets. This requires a continuous flow of appropriate technology addressing local needs within Eastern New Mexico. Our Extension program works to maintain and strengthen programs that address these needs. Water remains to be the most important limiting resource for our county's producers. All aspects of water use affect agricultural efficiency and profitability. Water management will become more critical as demands for urbanization and industrialization increase. The Tucumcari Project, in east-central New Mexico surrounds the city of Tucumcari and contains about 41,000 acres of irrigable land. Project features include the Conchas Dam and Reservoir (constructed by the Corps of Engineers), the Conchas and Hudson Canals, and a distribution and drainage system. Many crops grown in the project are used to sustain the area's livestock industry. Alfalfa hay, alfalfa seed, grain sorghum, cotton, and wheat are the leading crops produced.

Contact Quay County Extension Office

Contact Quay County Extension Office

Brenda Bishop
County Program Director
216 E Center St.
PO Drawer B - The Terry Turner Building
Tucumcari, New Mexico  88401
Phone: 575-461-0562
Fax: 575-461-2899


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