Promethean Biofuels Cooperative Corporation
Founded in 2007, Promethean Biofuels is a Cooperative California Corporation. As a cooperative, we function for the good of our employee-owners and consumer-members.

Utilizing the largest capacity cooperative biofuels plant on the West Coast, Promethean Biofuels converts used cooking oil and grease into high quality, clean burning biodiesel. Our community-based approach exemplifies recycling for reuse and energy independence.

The global environment for alternative energy is expanding tremendously. Arguably, the fuels and biofuels space is the area undergoing the most rapid change and necessarily so; the effects of human transportation on the environment are noticeable and a leading source of the “greenhouse gases” now theorized to be a major accelerator of global warming. Promethean Biofuels is part of the solution. Innovative design and dedication to the environment are some of the reasons Promethean Biofuels leads the way in community-based biofuels production
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