Project Native
We provide environmental education programs. Our goal is to connect people with nature through direct experience. Our installations of plant communities show how insects and birds depend on native plants for homes and food. Most of our educational programs require hands-on physical activity. When program participants put their energy into the learning process — touching the soil, tasting a leaf, holding a caterpillar, listening for birds — it changes how they perceive nature. The impact is long-term as people learn how nature works, how to manage natural systems, and the value of ecosystem services.

Bridghe McCracken has been providing landscaping services for Project Native for eight years. Now she has located her company, Helia Land Design, at Project Native. Together we deliver luscious, organic landscapes, ecologically sound and rich with life. 
For landscaping services call 413-274-3433.

Contact Project Native

Contact Project Native

David Ellis
General Manager
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