Private Land Wildlife Habitat Program

Protect, enhance and develop wildlife habitat on private land to improve wildlife populations, soil and water conservation, and quality of life for Illinois residents.

The program assists landowners with plans, field equipment, plant materials, and labor to develop, implement and maintain wildlife habitat management practices that require specialized training, equipment or resources which would otherwise be unavailable to landowners. This includes managing assistance provided by other agencies and organizations. Planning assistance includes technical advice, consultations, wildlife plan development, field inspections, monitoring plan implementation, and evaluating plan effectiveness. Field equipment assistance includes site preparation and planting, equipment scheduling, operation and maintenance.

Plant materials assistance includes wildlife food and cover grains, native and introduced grass, forb and legume seed and seedlings, and tree and shrub seedlings. Manpower assistance includes coordinating and supervising fieldwork, workers, and volunteers, and follow-up for practice development and maintenance purposes. The program coordinates wildlife habitat management on private lands with other agencies by developing and supporting the wildlife habitat management planning and implementation capabilities of federal, state, and local natural resources agencies, and developing and administering wildlife related aspects of farm commodity programs, natural resource conservation programs, and environmental protection programs.

Land must be in private ownership and be a minimum of one acre in rural areas and one-quarter acre in urban areas.


Contact Private Land Wildlife Habitat Program

John Buhnerkempe
IL Department of Natural Resources
Division of Wildlife Resources
One Natural Resources Way
Springfield, Illinois  62702
Phone: (217) 782-6384
Fax: (217) 785-2438


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