Price County Land Conservation Department

Conservation Assistance cost-share funds are available for a number of conservation practices that will help protect our land and

water resources. Among the approved practices are:

  • Access road or cattle crossing
  • Barnyard runoff control system
  • Heavy-use area protection
  • Livestock watering facility
  • Manure storage system
  • Animal trails and walkways
  • Waterway system
  • Manure storage closure
  • Well decommissioning
  • Streambank and shoreline protection
  • Wetland restoration

Other conservation practices are also fundable.

  • Farmland Preservation Program
  • Clean Sweap Program
  • Invasive Species Education and Control
  • Nutrient Management Cost-Share and Farmer Education
  • Tree Sale
  • Wildlife Damage Abatement and Claims

Contact Price County Land Conservation Department

Contact Price County Land Conservation Department

Evan Lund
County Conservationist
104 South Eyder Avenue
County Normal Bldg, Room 203
Phillips, Wisconsin  54555-1342
Phone: (715) 339-3272
Fax: (715) 339-5295


Service Area

Services provided in:
  • Price County, Wisconsin