Preble Soil and Water Conservation District

The Preble Soil & Water conservation district was organized in 1949 by concerned landowners interested in protecting and improving our soil and water resources.  This group of landowners petitioned and organized the Preble Soil Conservation District.  The District is a legal subdivision of the State of Ohio.  In 1963 the word "water" was added to the name of the District because of the increasing importance of water in rural and urban development.

Preble SWCD is managed and directed by a board of five elected supervisors.  The responsibility of the supervisors is to administer the district program, coordinate the help of government agencies and to establish sound policies and priorities concerning the work to be accomplished in conservation education and technical assistance on the land.

To work with rural and urban landowners as well as government entities and agencies to ensure water quality and soil protection now and for future generations by strengthening the grass root effort of providing best management practices to all natural resources but especially those of soil and water.

Contact Preble Soil and Water Conservation District

Contact Preble Soil and Water Conservation District

Jason Chappel
District Technician
1651 North Barron Street
Eaton, Ohio  45320-1021
Phone: (937) 456-5159
Fax: (937) 456-3589


Service Area

Services provided in:
  • Preble County, Ohio