Powder River Conservation District

The Powder River Conservation District is committed to representing the people of Southern Johnson County at the local level. With this guidance, the district will provide the leadership to initiate the necessary programs that will meet the people`s needs for the conservation of natural resources within Southern Johnson County. The Powder River Conservation District receives mill levy funding through an approved property tax assessment from residents of Southern Johnson County for administration and program operations.

Mission Statement
The Powder River Conservation District`s mission is to provide conservation education and leadership for the betterment of our natural resources and improvement of our environment and to be a cooperating agency with other government entities administering our natural resources.

About Powder River Conservation District
The Powder River Conservation District was established in August of 1955. Petitions for the organization of a Soil Conservation District, were circulated at various organization meetings at Barnum, Kaycee, Sussex, and Mayoworth, and signed by ranchers located in the southern end of Johnson County.

Many changes have been made in the past fifty-two years and the district continues to grow and provide service to the citizens of Southern Johnson County. There are approximately 1,220,528 acres within the jurisdictional boundaries of the Powder River Conservation District.

The district has one incorporated municipality, the Town of Kaycee, with a current population of 270. The main drainages in the District are the North Fork, Middle Fork, Red Fork, and South Fork of the Powder River. The majority of the district is composed of native rangeland, both private and government.

The agriculture of the Powder River Conservation District is centered around livestock operations. Irrigated areas are used primarily for the production of hay and small grain as supplemental food for livestock. The mineral industry includes oil and gas production, bentonite, uranium, and coal reserves. The scenic ranching community is rich in heritage and history.

Contact Powder River Conservation District

Contact Powder River Conservation District

Anita Bartlett
Resource Coordinator and District Manager
350 Nolan Avenue
PO Box 48
Kaycee, Wyoming  82639-0048
Phone: (307) 738-2321
Fax: (307) 738-2107


Service Area

Services provided in:
  • Johnson County, Wyoming

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