Plum Creek’s Nursery
Plum Creek is committed to practicing sustainable forestry, which promotes maximizing timberland productivity.  We also encourage public and private landowners to practice sustainable forestry.  As part of this commitment, Plum Creek’s six forest nurseries annually produce 130 million genetically improved seedlings to reforest our company’s timberlands and to provide quality seedlings to the public.
With more than forty years of experience in tree improvement and nursery management, Plum Creek is able to provide seedlings of the highest quality.  Our seedlings grow straighter and faster, and are disease resistant.  Planting Plum Creek's seedlings will help maximize the productivity of your timberlands.

You will find a large variety of bareroot hardwood and Southern seedling species, as well as containerized forestry and horticultural seedling species that are available for sale to the general public.  These seedlings can be used for reforestation, landscaping, or wildlife plantings on your land.

Contact Plum Creek’s Nursery

Contact Plum Creek’s Nursery

1032 Camp Lane
Hazlehurst, Mississippi  39083
Toll Free: 866-894-1072, Ext. 100


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