Platte County Resource District

Enhancing Platte County's Natural Resources...yesterday,today and tomorrow.

The Platte County Resource District works for all citizens of Platte County - young and old, agriculture producer or urban dweller. The following are just a few of the many programs and events that PCRD provides to you!

Cost Share Programs:

  • Windbreak Planting/Tree Program:
    • The Platte County Resource District offers cost share funding annually to landowners to plan and install windbreaks in Platte County.  Projects must meet minimum size requirements and design specifications prior to considerations, then the proposals will be evaluated by the PCRD board for funding. Additionally, PCRD offers a wide selection of deciduous and evergreen seedlings annually. Orders usually start in December and delivered to the District office in mid April, for pick up by the producer. Watch your local paper for the order form or stop by the office for more information.
  • Range Program:
    • This program was established to help fund projects that make a positive difference on the land for Platte County cooperators who don't meet qualifying criteria or who have not met the deadline for certain federal or state programs. These projects may include water resource development, grazing systems and land treatments such as weed control or Russian Olive Removal.
  • Wildlife Cost Share Program:
    • The Wildlife Cost Share program was established to help fund projects that make a positive difference on the land working toward enhancing wildlife habitat. Some projects may include but are not limited to: windbreaks, guzzler tanks, and prescribed burning. The goals of this cost share is to help improved wildlife habitat, provide cooperators the opportunity to implement good stewardship practices, and improve water quality/quantity. 
  • Urban Cost Share:
    • This cost share program provides incentive for residents and businesses to conserve soil, water and energy. Examples of projects include planting trees and shrubs approved for low water consumption. Installation of efficient drip systems for trees and shrubs, or replacing traditional lawns with approved native or dry-climate species. 

Additional Programs:

  • Information and Education:
    • The Platte County Resource District provides conservation and natural resources information to both youth and adults alike. Many educational programs are held in the Platte County Schools and many different organizations throughout the year. In addition, the PCRD publishes a newsletter quarterly. Once a year the PCRD hosts a Local Workgroup Meeting with the NRCS, this meeting allows you the citizen an opportunity to voice your opinion regarding the natural resource needs of Platte County.
  • Safe well water day is held once a year in April or May.
  • Household Hazardous Waste collection day is held every other year usually in September.
  • Surface water quality testing is completed as necessary through a grant from the State of Wyoming. 

Contact Platte County Resource District

Contact Platte County Resource District

Brady Irvine
District Manager
1502 Progress Ct.
Wheatland, Wyoming  82201
Phone: (307) 322-9060 Ext. 113
Fax: (307) 322-4109


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