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Phil Morgan BSc For, FICForPhil began his forestry career in the tropics before returning to Wales to work on pioneering work on transforming upland plantations. He is an independent manager with a wide client base. A native French speaker, he has many European contacts within the Pro Silva movement.
SelectFor offers continuous cover forestry consultancy services and advice on forest certification. SelectFor brings together the experience and knowledge of 4 practitioners in irregular silviculture.

What is Continuous Cover Forestry?

Managing a forest ecosystem rather than periodically creating and removing whole crops of trees.

Producing structurally diverse stands with a range of size-classes present at sub-compartment level capable of sustainable timber production.

What are the advantages?

Timber Production

  • Giving top priority to maximising the volume and value of the best individuals in the stand.
  • Increasing the overall proportion of larger diameter trees and the average volume of the harvested tree.
  • Reducing costs by making use of natural regeneration and using light as the key factor in controlling weed competition.
  • Reducing the risk of major disturbances to projected cash flows.

Nature Conservation

  • Introducing natural processes into high forest management.
  • Creating stable, more diverse woodland ecosystems.
  • Making the incorporation of 'Old Growth' features easier.

Landscape Conservation

  • Avoiding major disruptions to external landscapes.
  • Creating attractive internal landscapes.

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Contact Phil Morgan BSc For, FICFor

Contact Phil Morgan BSc For, FICFor

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