Petit Jean River Wildlife Management Area
The Petit Jean River WMA consists of 15,581 acres ranging from ridge-top overlooks to bottomland. This diverse topology includes upland and bottomland hardwoods, pine stands, savannas and upland fields which provides excellent habitat for the area’s year-round residents, such as white-tailed deer, quail, wood duck, wild turkey, squirrel, swamp and cottontail rabbits and other fur-bearers. Greentree reservoirs, marsh impoundments and moist soil units along with numerous sloughs, creeks, lakes and ponds provide habitat for wintering waterfowl and is home to the American Alligator. During the late winter months Bald Eagles can be seen at Kingfisher Lake followed in the spring by wood-warblers, herons, nighthawks, hummingbirds and other migrants.

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