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forestpark is a business established to develop, manage, and sell resource based real estate in addition to assisting resource based land owners manage their protfolios.  Acquisitions are positioned to provide affordable and scalable land investment opportunities to individuals and families whose goals are to be better connected to their surroundings, live in a more natural setting, and learn how to appropriately sustain their environment and community.  Forestpark has created a highly mobile GIS platform that enable effective high level site selection, portfolio managment, and site due diligence efforts to be completed in a timely fashion while being able to broadly communicate the results across all operating facets of an organization.

Several concepts implemented by forestpark are based upon the knowledge and experiences of Peter Constable, who has a 19 year career in large parcel development, management, and sales (of which 12 years were spent with the Weyerhaeuser Real Estate Development Company).  Constable's expertise ranges from land and timber management, to real estate planning and development, to team and community building.  forestpark leverages these experiences, as well as those of others, to responsibly steward land-use for optimal environmental and investment outcomes.

is a limited liability corporation with a network of architects, surveyors, engineers, foresters, attorneys, and brokers that specialize in land and timber management, planning and development, sales, and community building.  This group is both knowledgeable and experienced in the principles of creating and managing investment grade projects that succeed for both investors and communities.

Peter Constable has worked in real estate for over 19 years managing a variety of land investment products from east coast residential development to west coast timberland developments. During this period of time, Constable developed and honed his skills in identifying opportunities, establishing realistic development ventures, and implementing successful projects that are cash and time sensitive. Constable earned a Masters degree in Real Estate Investment and Development from New York University in 1992 and Bachelor’s degrees in both civil engineering and architecture from Lehigh University in 1983. Forestpark Lands LLC was formed by Constable in 2004 to assist large and small land owner better manage their resource based land portfolios. Forestpark has created several tools to assist in this endeavor including a highly mobile site selection and due diligence GIS platform. Forestpark is a Washington licensed real estate broker. Before forming Forestpark, Constable worked for the Weyerhaeuser Real Estate Development Company for 12 plus years, the last four as a Vice President. Constable managed Weyerhaeuser’s Washington and Oregon tree farms to select land and concepts that would add value while seeking compatibility between real estate and forest management. One result of this effort was the creation of the Forest Reserve concept: a private, forest owner community featuring: shared trails, picnic areas, and lakes (see: Several other larger tract communities have been successfully developed which, combined, represent over 600 large acreage tracts (12,500 ac) and $75MM in gross revenues as compared to a timberlands current market value of approximately $25MM. Overall, Constable managed an annual land portfolio of approximately 8,000 acres encompassing 40 projects in the northwest originating from 2,000,000 acres of Weyerhaeuser’s regional tree farms that Constable reviewed for higher and better use potential. Annual sales were about 3,000 acres while annual land transfers in were approximately 2,000 acres. The foundation for success resides with the implementing of basic real estate principles: paying attention to marketing details, creating a land value and disposition vision, and managing a team to carry out a realistic plan.


Land portfolio strategizing, management, and disposition planning

Land product development and sales

Team direction management

Real estate management (legal, accounting, construction, sales)


Constable’s company, Forestpark Lands LLC, seeks ongoing opportunities to add value to resource based lands without unnecessary capital risk or market timing. There are several land opportunities to create desirable real estate products with higher and sustainable values and lifestyle to the investor.

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