Peter C. Blansett

The S. A. Newman Firm has been providing appraisal and natural resource consulting services to industry and government throughout the Pacific Northwest since 1946.

Appraisals of Real Property and Timber
We help public and private owners and conservancy groups analyze, plan and value forest land, timber and real property transitioning to other land uses. We have provided thousands of commercial appraisals.

Consulting forestry
We help clients with state and local forest practices permitting and compliance. We design and perform timber cruises and inventories, preparatory to timber appraisals and other management objectives. We evaluate and appraise urban tree damage and loss, and provide litigation support.

The S. A. Newman Firm is noted for serving its clients with integrity and attention to detail. Our goal always is to provide accurate, timely and highly credentialed expertise in appraising real property and timber; performing independent appraisal reviews, and in consulting forestry and arboricultural services.

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Contact Peter C. Blansett

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