People's Fuel Cooperative

Peoples Fuel, a worker owned cooperative based in San Francisco, California, is dedicated to providing communities with the highest quality ASTM certified biodiesel. Our goal is to increase access to sustainably produced biodiesel for transportation purposes. We do not use or sell any petroleum diesel. Instead we seek to provide the most economical, ecological, high
biodiesel on the market today.

About OUR FUEL, Peoples Fuel’s mission is to distribute sustainably sourced and locally produced biodiesel, tested and ASTM certified.  Our usual source is locally collected recycled restaurant vegetable oil.  We do not support virgin biodiesel made from industrial, agricultural products. Often these are grown at the expense of food crops, and transported great distances.  Instead we work in cooperation with the local fuel community to increase sustainable biofuel access.    

We can help you set up your own fueling infrastructure and with our delivery service you can make visits to the gas station a thing of the past. We offer a number of different fuel storage and dispensing systems designed to fit your specific needs.
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5758 Geary Blvd. #241
San Francisco, California  94121
Phone: 415-250-9114