Paul Stone
The CMR Mission
To provide independent and objective advice to the management of client organizations to define and achieve their goals through improved utilization of resources.
Why should you work with CMR?
CMR is an unique company because we offer a wide range of services to all sized organizations. Not only can we handle all of your accounting needs, we can also assist with a large variety of human resource needs as well. You can get the expertise for all of your business needs wrapped up into one company.

Why Conduct an Audit or Utilize a Consultant?
It is important to every business to gain an impartial understanding of whether management system controls are achieving the desired and intended results.  CMR meets this need by providing a cost effective solution to identifying and countermeasuring management system non-conformances, working with clients to maximize their return on investment for indirect expenses, and providing outsourced solutions for further cost reduction and industry competitiveness.

Contact Paul Stone

Contact Paul Stone

Crosby Resource Mgt.
PO Box 1192
DeRidder, Louisiana  70634
Phone: 337 304 2216
Fax: 337 328 7591


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