Paul Adams


  • PhD, 1980, Natural Resources, University of Michigan
  • MS, 1978, Natural Resources, University of Michigan
  • BS, 1975, Forest Management, University of Vermont

Areas of Interest:  
Research interests in forestry and forest soils, as well as broader interests in public issues and policies on forest lands. Recent projects have examined the effects of mechanized timber harvesting and fuel reduction treatments on soil properties, including the growth of residual trees near compacted and tilled skid trails. Other studies have investigated the evolution and nature of Pacific Northwest policies and management for forest streams, and those for limiting forest soil compaction impacts.

Extension Interests
Extension education and other outreach activities that serve citizens, resource professionals, and decision makers throughout Oregon. As Forest Watershed Extension Specialist, he develops and presents seminars, training programs and educational materials related to forest practices and watershed resources. Audiences include forestry professionals, forest landowners and operators, and public policy makers. Given their high profile and importance, Paul has helped synthesize information on watershed effects of wildfire and post-fire treatments, as well as on municipal water supplies from forest lands. In addition, he provides ongoing education and other support to both forestry professionals and landowners to help improve their knowledge of and leadership in public issues and policies on forest lands.

Contact Paul Adams

Contact Paul Adams

Forest Watershed Extension Specialist
204 Peavy Hall
Corvallis, Oregon  97331-8615
Phone: (541) 737-2946
Fax: (541) 737-4316


Service Area

Statewide service provider in:
  • Oregon