Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program in Florida

The Southeast Region Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program provides technical and financial assistance to private landowners interested in improving habitat for migratory birds, endangered, threatened and at-risk species while maintaining the their primary land management goals. This is a voluntary program in which landowners continue to manage their land for their objectives as well as for wildlife, which most of the time go-hand-in-hand.

Our locally-based field biologists provide personalized attention and work one-on-one with private landowners to: - Plan, implement, and monitor their projects, - Identify other partners to participate in projects, - Identify sources of funding, and - Provide guidance through the permitting process, as necessary.

Types of Projects

We place particular emphasis on projects with the potential to provide habitat for rare, threatened and endangered species; migratory birds and fish; and species at-risk of requiring Endangered Species Act protection.

  • Livestock exclusion fencing/alternate water supply construction,
  • Streambank stabilization,
  • Restoration of in-stream aquatic habitats,
  • Longleaf or shortleaf pine planting
  • Forest enhancement through midstory management or prescribed burning,
  • Native grass and forb planting
  • Wetland restoration/enhancement,
  • Riparian reforestation, and more.

Contact Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program in Florida

Contact Partners for Fish and Wildlife Program in Florida

Joseph Prenger
Fish & Wildlife Biologist
7915 Baymeadows Way
Suite 200
Jacksonville, Florida  32256-7517
Phone: (904) 731-3096
Fax: (904) 731-3045


Service Area

Statewide Program in:
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