Ozark Foothills RC&D
RC&D is a local grass roots organization whose leadership comes from its sponsors, Conservation Districts and Local units of Government.  The decision making body, called a Council, determines the social, economic, and environmental problems and issues relevant to the area.  The Council then develops and implements a plan with local citizens in leadership.  The RC&D concept is that local communities, all levels of government, and grassroots organizations, working together, can develop and implement solutions to widespread and local problems and develop opportunities that will help sustain rural communities, local economies, and natural resources.

RC&D serves as a catalyst for local groups to share knowledge and resources in a collective effort to solve common problems.

Contact Ozark Foothills RC&D

Contact Ozark Foothills RC&D

Lori Barker
2119 Malcolm Avenue
Suite 220
Newport, Arkansas  72112
Phone: (870) 523-8986
Fax: (870) 523-9951


Service Area

Services provided in:
  • Cleburne County, Arkansas
  • Fulton County, Arkansas
  • Independence County, Arkansas
  • Izard County, Arkansas
  • Jackson County, Arkansas
  • Lawrence County, Arkansas
  • Randolph County, Arkansas
  • Sharp County, Arkansas
  • Stone County, Arkansas
  • Van Buren County, Arkansas
  • White County, Arkansas