Ozan Wildlife Management Area
The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service deeded Ozan WMA to the Arkansas Game and Fish Commission in 1991. The 580-acre area is within the Blackland Prairie belt in Hempstead County. Levees and watercontrol structures create many moist-soil units on the area, which provide habitat for migrating waterfowl and wading birds. Hills covered in pine/hardwood and cedars blanket sections of the WMA. The area provides excellent public hunting and wildlife viewing for a variety of game and non-game animals. Whitetailed deer, bobwhite quail, eastern wild turkey, and squirrels frequent the upland forested areas, while sections of old-field habitat provide excellent rabbit hunting. During winter, the moist-soil units offer excellent waterfowl habitat. The area also is excellent for watching wildlife, such as wading birds, waterfowl and Neotropical migrants like Bell’s Vireo. The area has two public parking lots – one on the west border to access the moist soil unit, and one on the east border to access the WMA interior. Travel is restricted to foot traffic only.
Nearest camping facilities are in Hope or on Millwood Lake. 

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