Owyhee Local Working Group

Local Working Groups (LWGs) are the heart of Idaho's sage-grouse conservation strategy. LWGs provide a forum for people to discuss sage-grouse and habitat issues in their area, share knowledge for local planning, and build support for on-the-ground projects. With the help of Office of Species Conservation grants and other federal and nonfederal matching funds, LWGs have developed and completed many habitat improvement projects for sage-grouse.

Habitat improvement projects include reseeding sagebrush and native grasses and forbs after wildfire, and fencing wet meadows and springs to protect and improve late summer brood-rearing habitat.

Download the Owyhee County Plan

Contact Owyhee Local Working Group

Contact Owyhee Local Working Group

Karen Steenhof
Murphy, Idaho  83650


Service Area

Services provided in:
  • Owyhee County, Idaho

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