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About The Ouachita Mountains:

The Ouachita Mountains (pronounced /wt/ WOSH-i-taw or /wt/ WAW-shi-taw)[1] are a mountain range located in west central Arkansas, southeastern Oklahoma and north-east Texas. The range's subterranean roots may extend as far as central Texas, or beyond it to the current location of the Marathon Uplift. Along with the Ozark Mountains, the Ouachita Mountains form the US Interior Highlands, the only major mountainous region between the Rocky Mountains and the Appalachian Mountains.[2][3] The highest peak in the Ouachitas is Mount Magazine in west-central Arkansas.

About The Ouachita Mountain Outfitters:

We are the Ouachita Mountain Outfitters. We specialize in unique adventures in and around the Ouachita Mountains. In our first year of business we strive to go above and beyond the call of duty to earn your trust and repeat business. Some of our adventures include: Bear Hunts, Turkey Hunts, Deer Hunts, Hog Hunts, Fishing Excursions, and more. Most of our hunts include a guide, lodging , and 3 meals per day. 

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