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For landowners who are challenged with making their farms and ranches more productive, or who seek supplemental revenue from their real estate investment a commercial wind project can help. Wind farms can provide the opportunity for long-term, low-risk steady income through joint development of commercial wind energy projects or through leasing land for project sites.

Oregon Power Solutions makes it easy for landowners to profit from renewable energy with minimal or no investment. This can improve the quality and productivity of their land by generating predictable income in rural communities today, and for future generations.

Not all locations provide an economically feasible opportunity to produce wind energy. Local permitting, interconnection and utility relationships all come into play. Developing a wind energy business requires a significant commitment of time, knowledge and resources, and as a result, some projects may not be feasible.

As citizens of Eastern Oregon, Oregon Power Solutions can be a superior partner to develop your project. We understand the needs of landowners in Oregon and will be much more flexible than larger out-of-state developers. We focus on community-scale projects, which typically represent 4-7 turbines. So, we don't need to use as much of your land and can be flexible on siting. In addition, we believe that we offer the highest lease rates per turbine of any developer in Oregon. Many developers want to tie up your land for 7 years while they decide whether or not to move forward with a development. We understand your needs and can often make a decision whether or not we can develop your site within a year.


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