Oregon Department of Forestry

The Oregon Department of Forestry was established in 1911 to act on all matters pertaining to forestry, including collecting and sharing information about the conditions of Oregon's forests, protecting forestlands and conserving forest resources.

The Oregon Department of Forestry will be successful in achieving its mission when Oregon has: 

  • Healthy forests providing a sustainable flow of environmental, economic, and social outputs and benefits
  • Public and private landowners willingly making investments to create healthy forests.
  • Statewide forest resource policies that are coordinated among Oregon's natural resource agencies.
  • The Oregon Department of Forestry recognized as an agency operating openly and in the public interest.
  • Citizens who understand, accept, and support sustainable forestry and who make informed decisions that contribute to achievement of the vision of the 2003 Forestry Program for Oregon.
  • Adequate funding for the Oregon Department of Forestry to efficiently and cost-effectively accomplish the mission and strategies of the Board of Forestry, appropriate use of information technology, business management strategies, and Department personnel policies that encourage and recognize employees, allowing them to meet their full potential in providing excellent public service.

Contact Oregon Department of Forestry

Salem Headquarters
2600 State Street
Salem, Oregon  97310
Phone: 503-945-7200
Toll Free: 800-437-4490
Fax: 503-945-7212


Service Area

Statewide service provider in:
  • Oregon

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