Oregon Conservation Strategy Implementation

Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife (ODFW) is currently implementing the Oregon Conservation Strategy (http://www.dfw.state.or.us/conservationstrategy/), which identifies the issues that affect Oregon’s fish, wildlife, habitats, and people. The Conservation Strategy considers healthy habitat to be the foundation for healthy wildlife and healthy communities. ODFW is providing funding for partners to help implement priority actions identified in the Conservation Strategy.
Projects eligible for funding must address one or more of the following:

  • Strategy Species (pg. 319-366), including research and monitoring needs to fill in species data gaps (page 367-369);
  • Strategy Habitat (pg. 257-305), including habitat data gaps and specialized habitats (page 308-311);
  • Key Conservation Issue in relation to a Strategy Species or Strategy Habitat (page 35-64), including climate change (Appendix VI, pg. a:48-49).

In-eligible projects:
Federal legislation specifies these funds cannot be used for education, recreation or enforcement projects unless they are a minor [<10% of project cost] component of the project and critical to its success.

Who may apply?
Private non-profit organizations, educational institutions, or state/local agencies. Federal agencies are not eligible. ODFW staff may apply, and are eligible for funding in the general category of grants.

General funding information:
Grant funding for each individual project will be $10,000 - $100,000 (federal component), depending on the grant category. Funds are dispersed only on a reimbursement basis. This program does not provide advances on grant awards, nor does it reimburse or credit match for activities that occur prior to execution of the ODFW agreement. Exceptions are USFWS approved pre-award compliance costs, such as archaeological site inspections.

Applicants must provide documentation for non-federal match equal or more than the combined total of all federal funds associated with the project, including SWG funds. Match funds cannot be used as match on any other federal grant. Match funding may be in the form of cash, in-kind labor, volunteer time, or materials which are essential to the project.

Match commitments may be pending at time of application, but must be secured before the ODFW grant agreement is executed and the project begins. Letters of match commitment must be submitted with the application, including from third parties, ODFW staff, and landowners involved with the project. Grantees must document match with each invoice submitted before receiving funds.

Projects applied for and led by external partners are eligible for all grants. Projects led by ODFW staff will only be eligible for funding from the General Grant (1).

Projects must be completed September 30, 2013.

Contact Oregon Conservation Strategy Implementation

Contact Oregon Conservation Strategy Implementation

Karen Buell
Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife
3406 Cherry Avenue NE
Salem, Oregon  97303
Phone: (503) 947-6306


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