Oregon Backcountry Hunters and Anglers

The wild lands and waters that Oregon is blessed with benefit from the watchful eye of the hunters and anglers that frequent them. It’s the sense of stewardship and a passion for wild country, not a backpack, or raft, or strong set of legs that make a Backcountry Hunter & Angler. Members need only pack a strong set of ethics, and a firm conviction in the following tenets:

  • Recognize that the rights of hunters and anglers come with the responsibilities of stewardship toward the land.
  • Support a science based approach to wildlife management.
  • Value the need for large tracts of unfragmented land to provide necessary wildlife habitat and clean waters.
  • Value the presence of corridors that connect critical blocks of wildlife habitat.
  • Embrace challenges created by self imposed limitations to the access of wild places and the pursuit of fish and game.
  • Resolve to develop and hone your knowledge of the country and the game that you pursue.
  • Strive to improve your woodsmanship to better integrate into the wild community.
  • Understand the need to develop good judgment and self sufficiency by building fundamental skills instead of developing a dependence on technological advances.

In striving to live up to the standards of stewardship set forth by conservationists like Leopold, Teddy Roosevelt and George Bird Grinnell, Oregon Backcountry Hunters & Anglers help ensure the health and future of wild places and set an example for others to follow.

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