Ole Country Bakery

Our recipes envelop a secret from days of baking bread and pastries decades ago which date back through many Mennonite generations. Many customers have long complimented our baked goods as one of the best ever tasted. Made fresh daily at the crack of dawn, the Baker is kneading our dough. Customers and friends both local and afar, continue to motivate our unrelenting pursuit of customer satisfaction. Stop by for a cup of coffee and pastry; Our famous biscuits smothered in sausage gravy; Soup of the day and sandwich; Choose from the many selections to take home but one thing for sure, it will be ….…FRESH.

Contact Ole Country Bakery

Contact Ole Country Bakery

Les and Sheila Decker
135 Hwy 145 South Alt.
P.O. Box 1007
Brooksville, Mississippi  39739
Phone: 662-738-5795
Fax: 662-738-5797


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  • Mississippi