Oldham County Conservation District

The Oldham County Soil and Water Conservation District was formed as a local subdivision of state government in 1946.

The district's primary mission was the promotion of wise land use and mangement of agricultural land.

Agriculture was the county's major landuse with dairy, beef, tobacco, corn and hay operations as the predominate enterprises. Most of the county's residents were dependent on agriculture as their primary means of living.

During the past 60 years, much has changed. With the introduction of the no-till drill and minimum tillage cropping methods, we have seen a huge reduction in erosion on crop fields. Better forage-livestock management has reduced overgrazing on pasture-land.

Oldham County has become one of Kentucky's fastest growing counties. Due to rapid suburban development in the past decade, the district has focused on controlling the serious soil and sediment erosion problems associated with developmental activities.

The Oldham County Conservation District's mission is to help in the protection of Oldham County's natural resources by working hand in hand with government agencies, industry, schools, businesses and individual landowners. We face many challenges today but the lessons of the past show us that people working together can solve almost any problem.

We hope you will join us in our efforts by doing your part daily in conserving energy and recycling. Don't litter and be sure to properly dispose of household chemicals. Plant a tree, native grasses or shrubs to green-up our community. It'll make it a nicer place for all of us. 

Contact Oldham County Conservation District

Contact Oldham County Conservation District

Shauna Buchert, District Program Coordinator
700 West Jefferson Street, Suite A
Lagrange, Kentucky  40031-1013
Phone: 502-222-5123
Fax: (502) 222-7570


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