Off the Grid Design

Our Mission

Facilitating a local and worldwide synergy of suppliers, builders, architects, planners, educators, and visionaries committed to Creating a Sustainable Future for ourselves and generations to come.

Our mission is to promote and create, encourage and facilitate, the concepts and realities of “sustainable planning and architecture for living” in such a way as to reduce individuals’ and communities’ “footprint” on the earth. To reduce consumption of finite resources in order to enable a more sustainable and inhabitable future for ourselves and our generations to come. To provide comfort and shelter, a new sustainable luxury, in such a way as to reduce our tendencies as a culture and a species toward constantly increasing demands on our remaining natural resources.

Enabling builders, suppliers and the general public to become part of the change which shall bring us into a new paradigm of self sufficiency with the context of community.

If one is truly comfortable and content in one’s “own skin”, whether it be our physical self or our chosen place of refuge, (our homes and communities), then our apparent need for constantly reaching further than our own communities can be greatly reduced or eliminated.

Contact Off the Grid Design

Contact Off the Grid Design

John Sarter
Principle Designer, CEO
San Rafael, California  94903
Cell Phone: (415) 342-7199


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