Northwest Owyhee Cooperative Weed Management Area

The NOCWMA was formed as a component of the Owyhee Conservation District Annual Plan.

Goals of NOCWMA

  • Prevent the introduction, reproduction and spread of designated noxious weeds and invasive exotic plants into and within Northwest Owyhee County
  • Reduce the extent and density of established noxious weeds to a point that natural resource damage is within some acceptable limits
  • Restore/re-vegetate infested, treated or newly disturbed areas to reduce re-invasion potential
  • Implement the most effective, economical and appropriate control methods for each specifically targeted weed or infestation
  • Implement an integrated management system which uses all appropriate available methods or combination of methods
  • Reduce present and future negative economic impacts caused by noxious weeds  

Weed Superintendent -  Owyhee County             

  • Kelly Aberasturi, Commissioner   
  • P.O. Box 128           
  • Murphy, Idaho 83650
  • Office Phone: 208-495-2095       
  • Fax: 208-495-2051       
  • Cell: 208-249-4405

County Contact Information

  • Owyhee County Extension Office
  • Address: P.O. Box 400
  • 238 8th Avenue West
  • Marsing, ID  83639
  • Phone: (208) 896-4104
  • Fax: (208) 896-4105
  • Email:
  • Web Address:

Contact Northwest Owyhee Cooperative Weed Management Area

Contact Northwest Owyhee Cooperative Weed Management Area

Kelly Aberasturi, Commissioner
Owyhee County Weed Superintendent
P.O. Box 128
Marsing, Idaho  83639-5033
Phone: 208-495-2095
Cell Phone: 208-249-4405
Fax: 208-495-2051


Service Area

Services provided in:
  • Owyhee County, Idaho