Northwest Habitat Institute

The Northwest Habitat Institute (NHI) is a non-profit scientific and educational organization that promotes and facilitates the conservation of Pacific Northwest native species and habitats through the development and dissemination of data-rich and verifiable information, maps, and tools; and restoration and enhancement of native habitats.

Specific objectives of the institute include developing products and tools that assist landowners and land managers conserve native species and habitats, developing and implementing inventorying and monitoring programs, and coordinating and facilitating activities (e.g., habitat restoration,land-use planning and management objectives) that promote the conservation and management of our natural resources.

Examples of work the NHI has conducted include:

  • Developing and coordinating projects that increase the state of our knowledge about: The interactions and associations between our wildlife species and habitats, and the effects of land-use and management practices on our native species and habitats;
  • Identifying and mapping land-use, land-cover, vegetation, and wildlife habitats of the Pacific Northwest as well as the distributions of Pacific Northwest wildlife species; and
  • Developing and maintaining an interactive web site that will provide information to the public and natural resource managers about wildlife habitats and wildlife species' functions, distributions, and life-history characteristics.

Contact Northwest Habitat Institute

Contact Northwest Habitat Institute

Tom O'Neil
355 NW 7th St
P.O. Box 855
Corvallis, Oregon  97339
Phone: (541)753-2199
Fax: (541)753-2440


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