North Platte Valley Conservation District

The North Platte Valley Conservation District (NPVCD) is one of 34 districts in Wyoming organized to provide leadership in the wise and sustained use of natural resources. The District has worked to conserve and enhance natural resources in Goshen County since 1943.

The NPVCD Board of Supervisors is responsible for directing, prioritizing, coordinating, and developing programs aimed at providing long-term conservation, and will provide leadership for improvement of the natural resources within its boundaries. It is imperative to the Board to protect the agriculture and tax base of the County, in cooperation with Lingle/Ft. Laramie Conservation District, South Goshen Conservation District, and Natural Resources Conservation Service, to sustain the agricultural heritage and lifestyle of the valley. The Board, through the District, will promote the control of soil erosion; promote wise use of District waters; promote education in the health of stream channels and reservoirs to protect the quality and quantity of water; promote all other natural resources; and preserve and enhance wildlife habitat.  The Board will practice the principles found in "A Responsible Conservation Ethic” to promote the health, safety, and general welfare of the citizens of the district.

Contact North Platte Valley Conservation District

Contact North Platte Valley Conservation District

Denise Lucero
District Assistant
1441 East M
Suite B
Torrington, Wyoming  82240-3512
Phone: (307) 532-4880
Fax: (307) 532-5783


Service Area

Services provided in:
  • Goshen County, Wyoming