North Dakota landowner incentive program

A grant program to supplement the Private Lands Initiative towards protecting and restoring habitats on private lands to benefit endangered, threatened, candidate or other at risk wildlife species.

The Landowner Incentive Program (LIP) provides state fish and wildlife agencies grant funds needed to establish or expand habitat protection and restoration programs on private land for "at risk" species.

LIP is a competitive grant program, first authorized in 2002. States are required to provide a minimum of 25 percent non-federal share of program costs to support their programs. These funds may be provided by the state, landowner or other conservation partners. Grants are awarded in two tiers. State funding requests cannot exceed $1.74 million per state for Tier 2, or Tiers 1 and 2 combined.

Tier 1 Grants are to assist states in hiring staff and purchasing necessary equipment and other associated support to develop a new Landowner Incentive Program or enhance an existing program. States can request a maximum of $180,000 at the Tier 1 level.

Tier 2 Grants are to implement Landowner Incentive Programs. These funds are used for on-the-ground projects that directly benefit the habitat and species on private land.

Activities eligible for funding include:

  • restoration of wetlands
  • removal of exotic plants and animals
  • fencing to enhance important riparian habitats
  • instream and streambank structural improvements to benefit aquatic species
  • land restoration to protect habitats and improve the environment for native plants and wildlife
  • long-term conservation easements

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    Contact North Dakota landowner incentive program

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