North Country Farmers Co-op

In 2008 the North Country Farmers recognized the growing food trend that was developing and grasped the opportunity presented to us. In the past farmers were in competition with one another seeing each as an antagonist rather than an ally.  With each working increasingly harder to outdo the other, few were actually earning a reliable profit that could support their families. Collaboration is, and will continue to be, the key to turning the situation around. Working together is efficient and allows the Co-Op to be most effective.

That same year the North Country Farmer's began informally organizing and working collaboratively with one another to market, sell and deliver the produce local businesses were demanding. In late 2012 our group decided to formalize our partnership by forming a cooperative which would allow the farms to be recognized as a legitimate agricultural enterprise. Thus, the North Country Farmers Co-op began.

The goal of the co-op is to fuel economic development in the North Country from quite literally the ground up. By increasing locally grown and consumed specialty foods, our farmers hope to boost agriculture, hospitality and tourism in the region and create opportunities for many different groups and industries to grow and prosper.

NCFC has developed an efficient delivery system to service the northernmost farms and the customers with specialty crops including berries, vegetables, herbs, maple syrup, breads, and honey. We are continuing to expand our offerings by making available meat, eggs, and value-added items such as jams, pickles, and processed vegetables.

Our farmers currently service Northern New Hampshire institutions including restaurants, hotels, schools, hospitals along a one hundred and seventy-five mile pick-up and delivery route.  North Country Farmer's Co-Op markets crops in the three northernmost counties of New Hampshire, allowing specialty crops and other locally produced foods to reach more people and institutions.

The forging of the cooperative will strengthen the North Country by preserving the regions cultural history through the promotion of specialty crops which encourages agri-tourism; through partnerships made; family farms supported; and healthy lifestyle choices made. This effort will also help our communities become self-sufficient in their food supplies.

With the farmers, marketers, our patrons and agricultural organizations working collaboratively, we are developing a resilient economic basis upon which the North Country can build and be sustained regardless of what new economic challenges we come to face.  We want to hear from you regarding your experience with us to help us plan our future to meet our vision of bringing products to you that are simply Fresh and Local.

Contact North Country Farmers Co-op

Contact North Country Farmers Co-op

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