Norbert Klebl

The Geos Neighborhood combines traditional village living with the most advanced design and building practices. Community members will enjoy a pedestrian lifestyle with front porches, tree-lined sidewalks, corner stores, and neighborhood services. And thanks to Colorado’s unique climate, Geos will utilize the sun and the earth to produce as much energy as it consumes, with a total cost that’s equal to or less than ordinary built-to-code communities. 

Norbert Klebl, master developer of Geos, spent 25 years in the corporate world in Europe the USA equipped with a European engineering degree and an MBA from Columbia. After an extended sabbatical, he devoted his expertise to demonstrating that a paradigm shift was possible in touristic and residential building practices by developing a self-sustained vacation village in Western Samoa. It was proved that water and energy needs could be produced on- site; rainwater was collected and electricity was produced with a photo-voltaic system. Currently he is master planning and designing Geos, the net zero energy community in Colorado where all buildings will be so well insulated and airtight, that passive solar and geo-thermal energy will allow heating and cooling with an energy recovery ventilation (ERV) system. The concept will reduce energy needs by 75% compared to current building practices and make sustainable residential buildings affordable.

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Contact Norbert Klebl

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